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Double Teflon Chisel+Magic Tips No.4 Big Crayon Teflon Wooden Thumb Rubber Roller Wave Decorative Wheel Four Needles Repair Tape Polishing Paste Betun Judea MercartUSA Filling Paste Golden Patina Patina for Pewter Varnish Lumiflex Big Brass Brush Screwdriver Micro Wheel Refiner Tool Case Tin Coated Pewter Red Aluminum Foil Aluminum Foil Green Aluminum Foil Golden Aluminum Foil Copper Foil Pure Silver .999 Foil Double Stylus Saw Teeth For Textures Double Sphere Big Double Sphere Cup and Ball #6 Cup and Ball #1 Big Deer Foot Teflon Cup and Ball #5 Cup and Ball #2 Cup and Ball #4 Cup and Ball #3 Double Teflon 1/4" Chisel+Half Sphere Tips No.2 Double Teflon 1/4" Refiner+Deer Foot Tips No.1 Horizontal Wide Herringbone Triple Diagonal With Dots Herringbone with Gap Points Wide Diagonal Wide Diagonal Narrow Diagonal with Gap Decorative Wheel Dots Horizontal Narrow Squares Big Wheel (Large Dots) Star Wheel  Small Dots Morse Code (3 Dots/Dash) Dots/Dash Dash/Space Double Moon and Dots - Stamping Tool Half Moon+Dots - Stamping Tool Double Sided Screw+Cup - Stamping Tool Micro Asterisk for Textures- Stamping Tool Double Sided Star+Cup - Stamping Tool Small Star with Center - Stamping Tool Mini Star-Stamping Tool Medium Star-Stamping Tool Star-Stamping Tool Flower-Stamping Tool Crown (Dots Circle) -Stamping Tool Sprinkler-Stamping Tool Dash Circle-Stamping Tool Tool Case

Metal Embossing; the Craft of the Decade, the Art of Centuries . . . 
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