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Why MercArt?

Q. Why is MercArt the best option in Metal Embossing?
A. Our Tools.  B. Our Metals  C. Our Expertise

A. Our Tools.

Our Professional line of Tools compares to no other in the market. Why?

B. Our Metals:

  • We have a complete variety of special laminated metals not only in types of metal but in sizes.
  • Not all metals are created equal! Asides from the gauge or thickness, metals need to have a certain “temper” for being suitable for embossing. A soda can or the aluminum foil used in your kitchen cannot really be successfully used for metal embossing! (the first one is too hard and the latter is so thin it easily breaks).
  • All our metals are specially designed and manufactured for metal embossing projects. Their gauge and temper allows them to be easily embossed and create the dimension you want to achieve.
  • We offer the following options:
    • Tin Coated Pewter: In several sizes: 6” x 6”, 9” x 12”, 19.5” x 39” and rolls up to 81’ long. Thickness: 0.20 This is the very best metal to work with due to its extraordinary malleability and softness.Being a fine metal, its natural color and shine looks very much like real silver, without its high price. This is the metal you want to use for those special projects you feel proud about or you want people to cherish! Pewter is so soft that it can be cut with your fingers!. It’s not sharp and it can be folded or bent easily to cover practically any shape. Pewter tarnishes over time. You may need to polish it once in a while to restore its natural shine.You can seal it (spray sealer recommended) to prevent it from tarnishing. The tin coating both sides of the metal covers the lead content of the pewter. Anyway, for extra precaution, we suggest washing your hands after using it. This metal is not suitable for use by children under 12 years of age.
    • Real Copper: Sizes: 6” x 6” , and rolls of 12” x 39”. Thickness: .004 Copper is a fascinating metal, not only for its beautiful natural color, but because it offers the alternative to torch it and create a great array of tones and colors going from oranges and reds to blues and greens (just be careful because it gets very hot when doing that). Copper is the hardest metal we carry. This means you also need to press harder to get the same volume as in aluminum or pewter. Copper tarnishes easily.
    • Aluminum: Sizes 6” x 6”, 9” x 12” and 24” x 39” (also special rolls up to 165’) Gauge: .005 (#36) This is a good option for price oriented projects or for small embellishments, easy fast projects or those done more in a “serial” production. Perfect choice for the use of stencils or plastic molds or for any other “quick fix” project. It is a metal easy to work with, but not nearly as malleable and soft as pewter. Therefore, it is not recommended for folding or covering shapes. Caution: When cutting it, the edges can be very sharp. Aluminum doesn’t tarnish. You can “fake” a patina by covering it with enamel, acrylic or ink and then sanding or removing the superficial paint. Due to its particular shine and color, it will never look like pewter or silver, but it’s the economic option .
    • Pure Silver .999: 10” x 39”. Real silver .999 pure, specially laminated for embossing. This metal is the most expensive one (price changes according to the universal price of the silver troy oz) but also the finest. It is not as malleable as the pewter but it is softer than copper. It tarnishes easily.
    • Other products: Besides the tools and metals we have all the complementary products such as patinas, backing paste, suede, tools case, adhesives, shell, plastic molds, as well as a book, magazine and instructional DVDs.

C. Our Expertise:

  • MercArt was founded in Mexico City in1970 as a company dedicated to only the finest crafts.
  • In 1989 we brought the centuries old technique of Metal Embossing from Europe and were the first company in Mexico to introduce the tools, metals and workshops for such art. We have been forming certified teachers ever since (in Mexico, Latin America, USA, Canada and Japan), and we also have several publications (the book “Metal Embossing Workshop” among them) and videos .
  • In Mexico we have been participating actively in TV art clips since 1990. We have also been invited to take part as judges in Metal Embossing international competitions. We have been creating new and better tools in order to provide you with long lasting and best quality products.
  • This is the reason why we introduced the tools and metals in the USA in 2002. We wanted you to have the best option too!
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